Peter M. Cortese – G.M. Viejas Outlets

I am the General Manager of the Viejas Outlet Center and the V.P. of Property Management. I have worked with Mark Padilla of Promark Roofing for several years. Mark has been instrumental in maintaining over 255,000 square feet of roofing in our shopping center. Our center is fifteen years old and is located in an extremely harsh environment with temperature swings of fifty degrees common. This environment puts a great deal of stress on the roofing material thus creating many opportunities for leaks. Mark has done an outstanding job of keeping out leaks under control. Retail tenants are very demanding and immediately call when there is even a minor showing of water. Mark has certainly helped in reducing the calls my office has received.

I also manage eighteen residential properties and one commercial building in Alpine as well as two R.V. parks. Promark Roofing is the go-to company for all my roofing needs. Mark has provided repair and maintenance as well as new roofing. He guarantees his work and really stands behind that guarantee. Promark is one of the most responsive trade companies I have ever worked with. In addition, Promark’s quality of work is unmatched. They are always competitive on bids and if awarded come in on time and on budget. They are an honest and reputable company who communicate well through all phases of a project.

I would highly recommend Mark Padilla/Promark Roofing to any organization that is looking to protect or improve their assets. Please feel free to call me at any time in regards to this reference.

Willie Tucker Jr. – Director of Sycuan Tribal Construction

My name is Willie Tucker Jr. and I am the Directory of Construction for Sycuan. We manage all the construction projects that are on the Sycuan Reservation.

Promark Roofing Inc. has partnered with Sycuan Construction for over 10 years installing new Decorative Water-Proof Balcony Decks and Walkways on both our commercial & residential projects. Mark Padilla has proofed himself to be an expert in this field and we have relied on his many years of experience and knowledge in providing us with quality workmanship.

I would recommend ProMark Roofing Inc. for the following reasons:

  • Quality of work is excellent
  • Clear understanding of our projects and their specific needs.
  • Top notch job planning and job coordination with others.
  • Qualified Supervisor on site to address issues quickly.
  • Project Manager is easy to communicate with and readily available.
  • Projects are managed on time and on budget.

I would highly recommend ProMark Roofing Inc. for any current or future projects you have.

If you have any questions please call the office at 619-659-8701.

Michael L. Sasse – Erwin Construction Co, 360-903-2889

I have always maintained a very high expiation for my sub-contractors when it comes to interaction with our residents….YOUR COMPANY AND CREWS HAVE LIVED UP TO THAT VERY NICELY!!!!

I will recommend you and your company any time, your professionalism is super! Our project here is clean and neat, I have had no complaints!

Werner & Kathy Lesar, Community Managers
Waterford Terrace Retirement Living, La Mesa,

Mikel Meringa, Regional Maintenance Director
Sunshine Retirement

As Regional Director of Maintenance for Sunshine Retirement, we were fortunate to engage the services of Mark Padilla and ProMark Roofing and Waterproof Decking last year at Waterford Terrace: one of our San Diego area communities. The project’s scope of work included installing their new “Deck Coating System” on 52 balconies requiring deck waterproofing, re-grading and as needed, deck structure repairs.

We are an Independent Living Retirement Community with 90 apartments and home to over 95 senior residents. As such, any work done for them requires extra care and patience so as not to create undo inconvenience or interfere with normal schedules for the residents and staff. Mark and his Crews accommodated our special needs in a very professional and courteous manner. Their attention to safety and cleanliness was greatly appreciated and our residents were very satisfied with the outcomes and minimizing disruptions.

It is my pleasure, on behalf of Sunshine Retirement and Waterford Terrace, to highly recommend ProMark Roofing and Waterproof Decking to anyone seeking a reliable and professional contractor.