Promark Specialty Coatings provides a variety of services to improve the experience of your home or workplace. Whether you want to upgrade the walkway to your front door, beautifying your driveway with new color stain & clear sealer or install a new concrete surface overlay on your pool deck, we can assist you with the quality service and workmanship. We are a California State Licensed Painting & Decorating, Roofing & Waterproofing Contractor Lic. #457353. We have been serving San Diego County Residents and Commercial Property Owners for over 30 years. Our professionally trained workers will bring to you the ultimate experience in concrete restoration.

We take the time to listen and identify with our clients, which allows us to take your idea and bring it to life. With new concrete micro-topping overlays, water based stain and finishes the results are anticipated and rarely duplicated.

Every concrete surface is a little bit different and the cement in the concrete can be a little bit different. By using only the highest quality products and materials we are able to create a truly unique and lasting finish for our clients, both commercial and residential. Please contact us to see how we can enhance the look of your home or project today.

We look forward to working with you on your project!!!!!

Micro-Topping Overlay

When the existing concrete surface is in need of minor repair and or you just are simply looking for a fresh new design and look, Micro-topping is the solution. Here a 1/8” thin layer of specially formulated cement is mix with a polymer modifier and applied to the prepared existing concrete to allow a new canvas to be created. This normally takes several layers to completion and the results can be fantastic! A old and drab concrete surface can now be transformed into a beautify work of art.

Water Base Stain

Water base stain can be applied over prepared concrete to enhance the existing surface. Although surface cracks and imperfections will remain, they will become a characteristic part of the new finish. These stains are environmentally safe and clean up with water.

Acid Stain

Acid stain offers yet another solution that infuses concrete surfaces with richness and beauty. Popular in many commercial venues, acid stain is also sought after in residential applications. Acid stains offer a striking expressive flare to dull concrete. Patterns (selected from a virtually unlimited array of options) are scored directly into the concrete surface, ensuring a finish that is durable and consistent for the life of the concrete.